Just Ride

About Us

Just Ride is Australian based Company offering electric bicycle and electric bicycle conversion kit with excellent prices and fast delivery on your requirements nearby Melbourne.

Products and services

Electric bicycles for sale, they are everywhere, however buying them from the experts from the people who actually make them makes a difference. Just Ride the online name of the very famous Powerider Bicycle, brings to the people best electric bike manufactured at their unit. They instill in people their quality products ensuring they treasure what they buy for a life time.

On the company’s website people can find different types of electric bicycles for sale as well as some amazing electric bike kits, especially designed to help people convert their existing conventional bike into an electric bike. These kits come with all the things needed for the conversion. People will be thus not required to come to them again and again to buy the missing things. Best part is that though these kits come with self installation guides the company, Just Ride also provides installation help.

For anyone looking forward to buy electric bicycles for sale or electric bike kits Just Ride suggest them to check their products page which is divided into two parts, one for electric bike and other for electric bike kits. Small description below the images helps potential customers know the features of the cycle or the kit, they are planning to buy. This is a good initiative on part of the company and points that it actually wants people to find and buy the best electric bike for their requirements.

Many other noticeable pages are included on the company’s website, a look at them and customers would be sure to make the most of it.